Novena to St. Therese begins September 22

The Novena to St. Therese begins today.  It’s included in this pocket-sized book.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his Apostles to stay where they were and to “wait for the gift” that the Father had promised: the Holy Spirit.  The Apostles did as the Lord commanded them. “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (Acts 1:14). Nine days passed; then, they received the gift of the Holy spirit, as had been promised. May we stay together with the church, awaiting in faith with Our Blessed Mother, as we trust entirely in God, who loves us more than we can ever know. 

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The Power of the Cross by Michael Dubruiel

Coming to the tomb of Jesus that first Easter morning, the

women discovered an angel there, the rock rolled away. It was a

shocking and unexpected sight. The guards, who were there to

This is the power of

the cross for the follower

of Christ, no matter

what happens to us or can

happen to us we are not


make sure that the disciples did not steal the body of the Lord,

were also witnesses to this. They were overcome with fear—to the

point of being “like dead men.”

One experience, two groups of people, two different reactions.

One group looks at the empty tomb and rushes to tell what

they have witnessed. The other group is paralyzed by the life

event. This wasn’t just something that happened thousands of

years ago; it happens every moment of every day. Those who see

the cross as the end of their life, meet death there; those who

believe and place their trust in God, find in the cross life and victory.

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All in God’s Time by Michael Dubruiel

The Greeks had two words for time, chronos for chronological

time (clock and calendar time) and kairos for the “right” or

“opportune” time. Jesus often made the distinction to his disciples,

who thought more in terms of chronological time than of

God’s time. When Peter first declared his intent to the Lord, it

was not yet time; the kairos moment—God’s time—did not

come until Peter had witnessed to the truth of the gospel in


When the Jews celebrate Passover, the celebration begins

with a question: “Why is this night different?” In this way they

enter into God’s time—when God intervened, did something to

change the very course of history. On the night before he died,

Jesus took bread and wine and declared it his body and blood.

“Do this in memory of me.” Once again it was kairos time, God’s

time, just as it is every time we interrupt the daily grind of

chronological time to enter God’s time in the Mass.

Everything happens when God wants it to happen. Following

Christ is a matter of surrendering to God’s time, of leaving

behind our own plans in order to be led by Christ. Our goals and

plans are always secondary to what God intends for us.

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The Cross and Prayer

The letter to the Hebrews draws a strong connection

between the cross and prayer. Because every moment of our

earthly existence is threatened by death, and we know neither the

day nor the hour when that existence will come to an end, we,

too, need to cry out to the God who can save us. Like Moses, we

need the help of our fellow Christians to hold up our arms when

they grow tired. We, too, need the help of the Holy Spirit to

make up for what is lacking in our prayer. 

-The Power of the Cross 

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Free e-book by Michael Dubruiel

St. Peter Chrysologus (the “golden-worded”) was known for

his clear and simple style of preaching. About the angel’s appearance

at the tomb, he preached, “Pray that the angel would

descend now and roll away all the hardness of our hearts and

open up our closed senses and declare to our minds that Christ

has risen, for just as the heart in which Christ lives and reigns is

heaven, so also in the heart in which Christ remains dead and

buried is a grave.”

For those who do not believe, life unfolds as a series of accidents.

When a follower of Christ sees his life in exactly the same

way, Jesus calls that person foolish, slow to believe. Someone like

that needs to redirect his attention to the cross.

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The Rosary for Our Lady of Sorrows

Today is another Marian feast – Our Lady of Sorrows – a good day to pray the Rosary.  Michael Dubruiel conceived and put together the small hardbound book, Praying the Rosary.  Click on the cover for more information.

Our Lady of Sorrows

In northern Ohio there is a church dedicated to Our Lady

of Sorrows; in the basement is a room containing signs of

weakness that have been left behind by those who have experienced

the power of God at that shrine. Among whiskey bottles,

cigarettes, crutches, and leg braces is a mat that once

carried a paralyzed man there—who left empowered by God

to walk again.

I suspect that the most powerful stories of healing, however,

come from those who were unable to leave anything behind.

Their weakness, whatever it was, remained with them; however,

they had been empowered to carry their weakness in the power

of God. This type of healing often goes unnoticed. Even so, it is

the greater healing, because it enables us to share in the cross of

Christ, to embrace our weakness in the power of God. For the

follower of Christ, weakness need not mean defeat!

"michael dubruiel"


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