Cardinal Arinze is repeating a message that many b…

Cardinal Arinze is repeating a message that many believers have secretly believed about the horrible events of 9/11:

The Vatican said on Tuesday the September 11 attacks in the United States were the product of a society that engaged in abortion, euthanasia and genetic experiments on humans.

“The right to life is threatened precisely by today’s highly advanced technology… creating a culture of death, in which abortion, euthanasia and genetic experiments on human life itself have already obtained or are on the way to obtaining legal recognition,” Nigerian cardinal Francis Arinze said in a letter to Buddhists posted on the Vatican web site.

“How can we not make a correlation between this culture of death — in which the most innocent, defenceless and critically ill human lives are threatened with death — and terrorist attacks such as those of September 11, in which thousands of innocent people were slaughtered?”

This mirrors in many ways the basic message of our book on the events of 9/11 written by Father Benedict J. Groeschel entitled The Cross at Ground Zero. I worked with Father Benedict on getting that book published here and have recently talked with him about doing a book on the current crisis in the Catholic Church in the US.

I also have worked with Cardinal Arinze, who many times is mentioned as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II, on a book of meditations on the Eucharist that we published entitled The Holy Eucharist.

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