If you read between the lines, and read what I was…

If you read between the lines, and read what I was told below, I think you’ll see that action is being taken on the seminary front already. Now whether the real problem is being addressed or exactly how it is going to be addressed is another issue entirely.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The cardinals return to the United States with plans for Catholic leaders to immediately begin visiting seminaries to assess the suitability of priests-in-training.

The cardinals’ final communique from the summit called for Vatican representatives to conduct special reviews of U.S. seminaries immediately. They are to assess whether Catholic teachings and principles, such as celibacy, are strictly followed. And they will review the criteria for judging candidates for the priesthood.

The editor of America, Father Thomas Reese, comments on this:

Some church leaders and others appear to think that homosexuals cannot be celibate, he said, though others say most gay priests are celibate

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