A reader writes concerning so called Catholic Hosp…

A reader writes concerning so called Catholic Hospitals:

St. Francis Hospital in Trenton, NJ is giving the “Spirit of St. Francis” award to the state Democratic Chair, abortion extremist,

planed parenthood funded and supported, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman….2 times she voted against Parental Notification. She is the chairperson for appropriations money. St. Francis “sold the farm and the mission.”

They no longer have a maternity wing.

Actually a ‘blog” could help us with a phone campaign. The Bishop is silent (now there’s a surprise) . He has not responded to any letters.

Irony….the gala affair where the award will be given is Mother’s day weekend

One wonders why the bishops don’t step in and strip both hospitals and universities of the “Catholic” title? I know of a bishop who himself is under fire in Florida who has threatened small Catholic bookstores in this regard, but wouldn’ t dare to do the same to a hospital or university.

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