Overpopulation of Deer? I think I counted at le…

Overpopulation of Deer?

I think I counted at least 20 deer last night in our 100 mile trip back from Michigan. Two here, one there all grazing near the fast moving traffic–looking up every now and again at some faces peering in the distance in their direction.

Kind of the way that I feel when we do these booksignings that are almost always poorly planned and carried out. People come in looking at you, like who the hell are you, and you get the idea that the managers of the store haven’t really done a lot of advertising or forethought about the whole enterprise that you are providing for them for free. In other words it didn’t cost the bookstore anything to have us there and they made at least an extra $300+ bucks for the two hours that we were there explaining our books to their customers. But I’ll bet if they had thought about it a bit more and promoted the heck out of the fact that two authors who between them have ten published books in the Catholic market–they could have made ten times that amount.

But it strikes me that many out there are a whole lot like those deer. Just grazing by the busy interstate and perhaps a little bit of grieving over the few who risk crossing the interstate and lie dead–feet up in the air by the side of the road.

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