Yes, You’ve Received a Message, but for Whom? U…

Yes, You’ve Received a Message, but for Whom?

Upon my recent travels I had an interesting conversation with a well known priest about matters mystical. He recounted a tale of a woman who was claiming to receive messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary for ten years. Over that period of time the Virgin had given the woman quite a volume of material that she, the Virgin, wished for the seer to make public. The seer had brought the material to my priest friend for his review.

Being a wise and discerning priest who is literally besieged with this type of phenomena on a daily basis, he enlisted the help of a woman that he knows to have the gift of discernment. She read through the material and requested a meeting with the seer.

The first question that she asked the seer was this, “How long have you not spoke to your husband?”

“Ten years,” the seer responded.

The woman handed the volumes of messages to her and said, “Give these to him, it is everything you’ve wanted to say to him during all that time.”

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