The Iraqi Information Minister Resurfaces on Abu D…

The Iraqi Information Minister Resurfaces on Abu Dhabi TV

He looks a lot older now…

From We Love the Iraqi Information

“The information I received from the governorates was more precise and comprehensive than the information I got from the Baghdad area. I was sincere in everything I said, even just before the fall of Baghdad international airport.”

“The information was correct, but the interpretations were not,” he said. “I did my duty up to the last minute.”

Michael Rose Responds to Inside the Vatican Fro…

Michael Rose Responds to Inside the Vatican

From The Diocese Report:

Dear Inside the Vatican,

Your June-July 2003 issue included a letter to the editor entitled “Enraged” and signed “Michael Rose.” Unfortunately, many people–including some at Inside the Vatican–have mistaken me for the author of this letter, which is anti-Papal in content and woefully intemperate in tone. The letter does not express my views in the least; nor is the letter written in a manner even remotely consistent with my style. To be sure, I am not the author of the letter.

I have written four books (Goodbye Good Men, Priest, Ugly As Sin, and The Renovation Manipulation) as well as hundreds of articles dealing with a variety of topics of interest to Catholics all over the world. I am a contributing editor of the New Oxford Review and a news correspondent for The Catholic World Report. I do not need to write a letter to the editor of Inside the Vatican in order to express my views. It seems the only time I write letters to Catholic periodicals is to correct false or misleading information about myself or my work.

Michael S. Rose

Cincinnati OH

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