Boston to Get Capuchin Friar as Bishop It is al…

Boston to Get Capuchin Friar as Bishop

It is all over the wires this morning that Bishop O’Malley (of Palm Beach since last September, Fall River before that, and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands before that) is going to be named the successor of Cardinal Law tomorrow. He is a very close friend of the Cardinal’s and I would guess that has more to do with the appointment than his ability to clean up messes.

From CNN:

The Vatican will name Sean Patrick O’Malley, the bishop of Palm Beach, Florida, to replace Bernard Law as the head of the Boston Archdiocese, according to a news report.

The Vatican is expected to make its announcement this week, according to John Allen, the Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, an independent weekly newspaper.

Law resigned as archbishop of the troubled Boston Archdiocese in December after the archdiocese was shaken by allegations that priests sexually abused children and that the alleged molestations were covered up.

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