Fr. John Bertolucci Fights Release of File In t…

Fr. John Bertolucci Fights Release of File

In two years of shocking revelations, this was probably the greatest. When one thinks of some of those who have fallen Father Bruce Ritter, Father Ken Roberts–Bertolucci’s case still seems the most troublesome to me. The following story makes you wonder what is in his file that he doesn’t want released?

Albany, N.Y.

A priest accused of molesting children is fighting the release of his personnel file during his 37 years with the Albany Diocese.

The file has become the latest skirmish in the legal battle between the Rev. John Bertolucci, once a nationally televised Catholic minister, and a man who claims Bertolucci molested him in the late 1970s.

The dispute over the file — and how it is resolved by acting state Supreme Court Justice Christian Hummel — may be a critical crossroad in a case that some say is as much about information and disclosure as money and justice.

A lawsuit alleges Bertolucci and other Albany church officials tried to intimidate the man from coming forward last year with allegations of sexual abuse, charges the Albany Diocese has vigorously denied.

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