You Wonder Why These Guys Don’t Just Resign

I’m think aloud here, but it really doesn’t make any sense to me why guys who have this kind of stuff in their past continue to stay. I ask it, but I think I know the answer. There is a certian arogance that continues to dominate a certian sector of the clergy.

From Search:

“The former Catholic bishop of Springfield introduced the two boys, one of whom was a 12-year-old refugee, to homosexual sex and gay pornography after taking one under his wing when he was a parish priest about 28 years ago, the men said last night.

The two men, one aged 40 and the other 39, issued a statement through their lawyer detailing the alleged abuse. One of the men, who is now gay, said he was moved to anger after the Roman Catholic Church and Dupre began a crusade against gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Dupre, 70, checked himself into an undisclosed medical center and retired within a day of being confronted with questions about the allegations by The Republican last week.

Roderick MacLeish Jr., a lawyer for the men, said the bishop is being treated at St. Luke’s Institute in Silver Spring, Md., which is known for treating pedophile priests. This could not be confirmed last night. “

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