Vatican Moves to Quell New Age

An illustration of how slow the church moves…it has decided that the “new age” movement presents a threat. Problem is that it has taken them so long to recognize this is that most of the proponents of the new age are now in thier old age.

From Vatican moves to quell ‘alternatives’ – (United Press International):

“A week-long summit at the Vatican is trying to devise a plan to deal with the rise of ‘New Age’ religions and fads, The Independent reported Wednesday.

The closed-door conference includes priests and lay people from 25 countries, focusing on a Vatican report on New Age sects last year.

Monsignor Peter Fleetwood, one of the authors of the report, said the greatest challenge may be in England and North America ‘where the New Age began … and where it has become such a part of everyday life that we don’t notice it.’ That makes it harder to attack, he says: ‘Where one sees a threat, it’s easier to battle it.'”

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