Occaision of Sin?

Someone should remind the Salesians about the “avoiding the near occaision of sin”…very troubling and arrogant!


DallasNews.com | News for Dallas, Texas | Latest News:

“About a dozen children circle around the Rev. Frank Klep after Mass on one sun-kissed Sunday. They chirp his name, trying to catch his eye as he begins handing out foil-wrapped candy. He calls them by name, too, beams and hugs some of them.

Few, if any, locals are aware that the friendly priest is a convicted child molester who has admitted abusing one boy and is wanted on more charges back in Australia. In 1998, his religious order placed him here in the South Pacific. Australian police can’t touch him now because their country has no extradition treaty with Samoa.

Neither he nor the church feels an obligation to tell anyone about all that. “

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