Priest Has Vision of Hell

Bishops and priests among the populace there…

The priest serves in the Diocese of Saint Augustine, and I know him but never knew of this event in his life…

From Spirit Daily:

That, asserts Father Maniyangat, was when hell, an awful sight, opened before him. It was daunting. “I saw Satan and people fighting, tortured, and screaming,” claims the cleric. “And the fire too. I saw fire. I saw people suffering and the angel told me it was due to mortal sin and the fact that they were not repentant. That was the thing. Unrepentant.”

The priest says he was told there are seven “degrees” or levels of suffering in the netherworld. Those who committed “mortal sin after mortal sin” in life were suffering the most intense heat. “They had bodies and looked very ugly, so cruel and ugly, horrifying,” says Father Maniyangat. “They were human but like monsters: fearful, ugly-looking things. I saw people I knew but I can’t say who they were. The angel told me I could not reveal this.”

The sins that got them into that state, he says, were transgressions such as abortion, homosexuality, hatefulness, and sacrilege. If they had repented, they would have gone to purgatory — the angel allegedly told him. He was surprised at who he saw in hell. Some were priests. Some were bishops. “There were many, because they had misled the people,” he asserts — again, for your discernment. “They were people I never expected.”

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