Good Endorsement of Amy’s Book

From The Tablet:

“Among the new books that point out the errors in The Da Vinci Code is Amy Welborn’s De-coding Da Vinci: The facts behind the fiction of The Da Vinci Code(Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc;, Huntington, Indiana 46750, 124 pp.). I have just finished reading it and I think it is exceptionally good. There is not space in this column to report the numerous errors that Welborn points out in Brown’s novel. She has done her homework well. The book is attractively laid out and that, along with Welborn’s clear writing, make the book an easy read even though it contains a great deal of information.

Amy Welborn wrote her book to help readers sort out the errors in The Da Vinci Code. She was disturbed by the enthusiasm with which this novel has been received. I am too. What to make of this phenomenon? Welborn writes the following:

“I wrote this book because I wanted to help the curious readers sort through the many interesting issues raised in The Da Vinci Code.”

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