Getting the Most Out of the Eucharist in an Imperfect Church

Please keep posting your comments in the post for Monday on what “obstacles” you encounter. In this post I’d like to hear what are the ways you find that in spite of the imperfect liturgies you attend, what helps you  deal with the imperfection?


I’d also appreciate it, if you’d react to some of these suggestions in how to deal with the imperfection:


Give Thanks! We all know that Eucharist means “thanksgiving.”

  • My attitude in dealing with the imperfections of liturgical ministers, whatever their rank is to often grow angry with their performance. In the process I realize that I’m falling into the trap set by the enemy. I’m in the presence of Christ that is reason enough to give thanks! “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor?” “You’ll never wash my feet.” “Doesn’t this man know what kind of woman this is?” are all statements of discontent leveled at Jesus both by his followers and his enemies–how can I, realizing that the perfection of the Kingdom is only partially revealed here at this Eucharist rise above the foibles of the human agents? I realize by fostering an attitude of thanksgiving.

Take Up Your Cross–Realize that you have a sacrifice to offer with Christ at the Mass

  • There are somethings that happen at some Catholic Churches that are wrong even by the Church’s own admission. Enduring these abuses are painful to those who are aware that they are abuses. Embrace that pain, see it as part of the sacrifice you are offering with the one sacrifice of Christ at this Mass. Further, take up the cross to educate yourself to find out if in fact what you are experiencing as an abuse, truly is an abuse and if it is to confront the guilty parties face to face.  The cross is never a fatalistic approach but one that leads to the victory of resurrection. Expect that your cross will lead to a deeper conversion to trusting in God alone.

Reconciliation–Some of what bothers us at the Eucharist is due to the division that exist within the Body of Christ.

  • Jesus told his disciples that if on the way to the Temple they realized that there was some rift that existed between a brother and them to go to the brother and be reconciled first and then go with your brother and offer your sacrifice together. For too long we have allowed the fractured body of Christ to limp in and out of our churches. We need to seek out those who we are irreconciled with and in Christ come together. Ironically this may mean excluding some who refuse to be reconciled to the Church.

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