Priest Tells Parishioners he was Sexually Abused, Plans to Resign

A friend of mine. He is a Benedictine. I remember having a discussion, one that turned heated where I suggested sending child abusing priests to monasteries as sort of a “penitentiary,” Lawrence who was in a monastery at the time was horrified at this–I understand why even more now than I did back 12 years ago when we had the discussion.

Remember him in your prayers!

From AP Wire | 08/31/2004 | Priest tells parishioners he was sexually abused, plans to resign:

“It was anything but a standard homily – a Roman Catholic priest said he was sexually abused by a priest when he was a boy and will resign rather than undergo a church-ordered psychological assessment.

Parishioners at St. Brendan Catholic Church in this suburb northeast of Seattle were stunned by what they heard from the Rev. Lawrence Minder at three Masses on Saturday and Sunday.

‘There was an audible gasp at the Sunday Mass, there was spontaneous crying at the Saturday Mass,’ said Richard Foudray, 60. ‘People were devastated.’

‘My heart just broke when he said he had been raped,’ said Kathleen Foudray, 58. ‘When he told us he was resigning his position, I felt like I had a death in the family.’

According to churchgoers, Minder, 43, said a priest sexually abused him about 30 years ago and remained on assignment after he reported what had happened.

Minder said he would reject a request to undergo a psychological assessment that would be disclosed to the Archdiocese of Seattle and will resign instead, witnesses said.”

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