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Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn’t Authenticate Papers

People should be fired, including Dan Rather for continuing to insist that these documents are real. It’ll be “rather” ironic if Rather is brought down for trying to effect the outcome of a Presidential election when his rise can almost directly be related to his confronting of Richard Nixon for doing the same thing.

From Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn’t Authenticate Papers (

“The lead expert retained by CBS News to examine disputed memos from President Bush’s former squadron commander in the National Guard said yesterday that he examined only the late officer’s signature and made no attempt to authenticate the documents themselves.

‘There’s no way that I, as a document expert, can authenticate them,’ Marcel Matley said in a telephone interview from San Francisco. The main reason, he said, is that they are ‘copies’ that are ‘far removed’ from the originals. “

A Great Read!

While we were waiting for a plane to finally fly to Florida, (four days after the scheduled departure), I read this fascinating book:

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I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Medjugorje or apparitions in general. The book ends with Father Benedict Groeschel’s critique of Medjugorje.

Trinity Broadcasting Network Responds to Allegations

From TBN Response to the LA Times Article:

“The accuser is a convicted felon and longtime drug abuser who has been imprisoned for years for serious crimes ranging from child sexual molestation to using illegal drugs such as crack cocaine. The accuser became involved with TBN through a drug rehabilitation program conducted on TBN’s property. Upon his successful completion of the program, TBN gave him a chance by offering him employment.

Although the accuser fell back into drug abuse on more than one occasion during his employment, TBN extended grace to this man and kept him employed while he continued to seek rehabilitation and counseling. Finally, after being arrested for yet another drug related violation, he was found guilty of violating his probation and was returned to prison for a year. Upon his release from incarceration in 1997, he again sought employment with TBN and when TBN declined, he threatened to sue TBN by alleging wrongful termination and sexual harassment, directing his most salacious allegations towards Dr. Crouch personally.

In an effort to address this matter in 1997, Dr. Crouch sought the advice and counsel of some trusted advisers, attorneys and spiritual leaders. The consensus viewpoint was that it would be better for TBN and Dr. Crouch to reach a financial settlement rather than to fight the accuser in court. This course of action was deemed less expensive and would avoid the bad publicity, time and effort that it would take to fight the false claims. Dr. Crouch reluctantly agreed to this advice with the understanding that the accuser would go away and leave both he and TBN alone forever. The importance of the settlement does not rest on the money paid, but rather on Dr. Crouch’s vehement denial of the allegations made against him as well as the agreement of the accuser to keep confidential and refrain from repeating his false claims and accusations. Most importantly, at no time were ministry funds used in any portion of this settlement.”

Croatian Priests Want Money for Chauffeurs

After passage of tough dui law in their country.

From BBC NEWS | Europe | Croatia clergy in drink curbs row:

“Croatia’s Catholic priests are seeking compensation after the introduction of a new zero-tolerance drink driving law, a local newspaper says.

The priests want $12 million a year to hire chauffeurs as they can no longer drive between churches where they must sip wine, the Jutarnji List said.

‘During holy mass we need to drink wine as a symbol of the blood of Christ,’ one of the priests told the newspaper.

‘We want to obey the law… We would like to have private drivers,’ he said.

‘Some priests have many services a day and these are often in different parishes, so they need to use a car to get around. If they can’t drive themselves, someone else has to do it,’ the priest added. “

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