Zookball Continues

Last year it was a whooping the Gators were giving Miami only to become another loss in the end, last night it was down to seconds and all about running out the clock.

From Martin Fennelly’s column Feast-And-Famine Gators Tease, But Still Frustrating – from Tampa Bay Online:

“Another season of ZookBall truly began Saturday night. It promised so much. Mostly it promised madness. And for the second time in three Ron Zook seasons, with no guarantee of a fourth, go-figure Florida did not disappoint against Tennessee.

The Gators actually made us wonder if they could be for real. Chris Leak’s first half did that to us. His third touchdown pass, an 81-yard to Chad Jackson in the fourth quarter, did it to us. Dreams were everywhere.

They folded up. Even a missed extra point by Volunteers kicker James Wilhoit that left Florida ahead 28-27 wasn’t enough. The Gators refused to let Wilhoit be the goat. With seconds left, he kicked a 50-yard field goal to win it, 30-28.

We’ve been here before. Been fooled by Florida talent before. We’ve come to look for disaster more than success. We’ll trust these Gators, Leak or no Leak, about the time Phil Fulmer starts appearing at Alabama booster clubs. “


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  1. Think Spurrier can be persuaded to come back mid-season, or will he/you guys have to wait until next year?

  2. Above comment and this comment by John Heavrin, who, although a Louisville fan, in charity requests (but certainly does not expect) mercy from the Gators towards the Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.

    They’re thrilled about beating Indiana the other night, and by week’s end I’m sure they’ll have themselves convinced they have a “chance” to knock off Florida. Likelier, it’ll get ugly quick since Florida’s not only far better, but itching to unload on somebody after being robbed on Rocky Top. Look out, ‘Cats.

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