The Messengers Of Hope

I’m guessing this is sponsored by a Republican group. I was sent the “What king of man?” link which you can view by going to this siteThe Messengers Of Hope. The presentation is very effective…

Vatican Intervenes with Parish In Minneapolis

Amy has mentioned this parish before that regularly has “guest speakers” preaching at Sunday Mass…St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Mpls., MN., USA

John Kerry was an altar boy — So was Adolf Hitler

From John Kerry was an altar boy — so was Adolf Hitler:

“Presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry is urgently pressing uncatechised or ‘dumbed down’ Catholic voters to believe he is a faithful Catholic that best represents the Church’s defined teachings. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

He woos the ignorant Catholics, laity, and clergy alike, by reminding them he was an altar boy. Adolf Hitler, a/k/a Adolf Schicklegruber, was also a Catholic altar boy, so this snippet of past religiosity tells us nothing of the man today — except that Kerry certainly has come a long way from being an altar boy.

Furthermore, this ‘Catholic’ demagogue promises in the next sound bite that if elected he will assure that abortion remains legal in the U.S. for another generation.”

Statue of Mary in Indiana Weeps

From Northwest Indiana News:

“‘The statue was commissioned by a priest in the Diocese of Chicago, and when he retired he had a chapel in his home and the statue was there. He had invited a group of priest friends to dinner and after dinner they decided they would go say a prayer in the chapel,’ she said.

‘All of a sudden, they noticed the tears coming down from the eye of the Blessed Mother,’ she said.

Badyniak said the statue has twice shed tears.

The Rev. Michael Weidman, who celebrated the evening’s prayer service and benediction, said so many are drawn to the statue of the Virgin.

‘Especially at a time like this, when there’s so many things to pray for with the war in Iraq and elections, there’s so many things that they want to ask the Blessed Mother to intercede on their behalf and offer her prayers along with ours,’ Weidman said.”

Six More Days, Turns into 666 for Kerry

From WorldNetDaily: Kerry tied to ‘666’?:

“During his presidential campaign in Iowa today, Democrat John Kerry was surrounded by a sea of handheld signs displaying the number six on them.

That caught the attention of WND reader Michael of Kaufman, Texas, who happened to record this evening broadcast of ABC’s ‘World News Tonight.’

‘You can imagine my surprise, when they broadcast a video of John Kerry finishing a speech in Iowa to the acclaim of hundreds of people waving signs with the number six on them,’ he said. ‘The imagery of 666 appearing everywhere was too much to be ignored. I had to rewind my TIVO and shoot these photos of the TV screen.’ “

I.R.S. Baloney….

Has anyone ever taken notice how these rules don’t seem to apply to Churches that support Democrats? It seems of late that some Southern predominantly African-American Churches are free to host the most blatant political rallies…why is this?

From WorldNetDaily: IRS: Churches can’t pray for Bush victory:

“In a letter of clarification requested by a traveling minister, the Internal Revenue Service has declared people gathered in tax-exempt churches can’t pray for President Bush to win the election on Tuesday.

The ruling comes in response to a request by the Christian Defense Coalition, which is in the midst of a 15-day prayer tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the organization, had planned to lead in prayer for a Bush victory during evening services in each town. Though he had hoped to hold the services in churches, Mahoney says he has used American Legion halls, hotels and other venues pending a clarification from the IRS. “

Now Only the Cubs Remain Cursed!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, World Champions! To all my native New Englanders, take pause and celebrate!


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