Father Benedict Begins to Gain Movement in Right Arm

Asks for your continued prayers on his behalf:

Father Benedict’s Letter:

Most of you knew that my shoulder was frozen solid with calcium deposits, which came as a result of the breakage of bones. It seemed that the only way to improve this situation was surgery that was dangerous because of the possibility of a blood clot and stroke. I opted not to take that possibility. Just the other day my shoulder began to move, not a great deal, but very obviously.

This means that the calcium adhesions have broken loose in the socket and will probably break loose some more. I’m so grateful for your prayers added to those that you sent as I initially recovered. It will be very helpful to have some more use of my right arm.

I’ve been praying to Our Lady of Lourdes through the intercession of St. Bernadette very particularly for recovery and it seems like the Lord is hearing those prayers. Thank you for all your prayers and kindliness to me during this difficult year.”

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