Biggest Non-story of the Day

I listen to sports radio normally on my way to work. This morning all the talk was about Randy Moss and his “mooning” of the Green Bay crowd, comparing it to Janet Jackson’s stunt at the Super Bowl last year. What all of these people have failed to mention is that he didn’t actually moon anyone. He pretended. Until I read the piece below I thought I had missed what I actually saw when the event happened on live TV.

From 24-Hour Sports News – Vikings upset Packers, move on to Philly –

“Meanwhile Moss – whose reputation is still smarting for skulking off the field with 2 seconds left in a loss in Washington last week – pretended to pull down his pants and moon the crowd after scoring.

‘Just having a little fun with the boys a little bit,’ he told FOX. ‘I hope I don’t get in trouble by it, but if I do I’ll take the heat.’

The Packers were feeling good after winning nine of their last 11 and drawing the Vikings, who had lost 20 of their last 22 games outside of domes.

You never would have guessed.”

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