A Book Review of The Power of the Cross

For a copy of the book click on the cover image posted in the right hand column.

Thanks to Monsignor Vincent Haut, Pastor of Resurection Parish in Jacksonville, FL:

I knew Michael Dubruiel when he and I were much younger. In those days he was determined to do his best to preach the Gospel. He was a fiery preacher and relentless searcher for authentic faith. Reading his book is like hearing him speak again. He speaks with a desire for Christ and a passion for the Gospel that has become more refined and more insistent over the years.

This will be a good Lenten book for many people because it is divided into 42 short chapters, each of which provides a scriptural passage, some incisvive reflection, and a set of steps to take one day at a time. Whether you use it as a Lenten devotional or simply as a book of reflections, you will sense some of the author’s fire and rediscover the hope that comes from the Cross.

I like this sort of book because it fits my life. Breaking things into short manageable segments is the best way to move through a book about Christ’s passion. We discover what Christ means for us by following the recurring pattern set up for us in Michael Dubruiel’s new book.

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