Bush Home Early

Gets home in time for bedtime.

On a related note, Katie Couric opened this morning’s Today Show with the line “A lot of balls.” I’m sure the studio crew got a good chuckle out of that…to quote Amy “What is she twelve?”

From Yahoo! News – Bush Speeds Through Inaugural Balls, Home Early:

“President Bush (news – web sites) capped the first night of his second term on Thursday with a whirlwind tour of nine inaugural balls and an early return home at 10:03 p.m.

In a scene repeated throughout the evening, the president arrived to applause, thanked revelers in packed ballrooms and then took a quick spin around the stage with first lady Laura Bush, who wore a blue-and-silver evening gown by designer Oscar de la Renta.

Bush quipped that this was perhaps the first time he had danced with his wife in the last four years. After a brief spin, the couple headed on to the next ball. Conveniently, six of the nine balls were held at the Washington Convention Center. “

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