A Pre-Lent Message from Father Groeschel

From Untitled Document:

“Unfortunately Lent has come by bad times. Some people hardly know it’s Lent and don’t manage even to do the very minor fasting that the Church requires on Fridays and a few other days. May I suggest to you that you pick out something really to do for Lent? I’d like to excuse myself this year because I’m sort of just staying alive and that’s been quite a chore, however I’m not going to excuse myself and I’m going to pick out some secret little penance that I don’t like and do it while I’m recovering.

A wonderful Carmelite sister of Alhambra, California, Sister Mary Anastasia, was a great person for marvelous quotations. She had a superb sense of humor and when she died at 94, her community put out a little book of her wise sayings. One of them is, “if it doesn’t sting, it’s not a sacrifice”. So in Lent if you give up meat on certain evenings, don’t move to lobster thermador. A penance must sting and the more it stings the beautiful Easter you will have and the better you will be prepared for the big Easter at the end of time.”

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