The Sign of the Cross

It is a mark that you will frequently see today. Made of ashes, traced on the foreheads of countless Christians.

In the old horror movies it was the instrument that could recoil the most hideous monster–the cross.

A year ago the movie that depicted its origin, though wildly popular was largely viewed as a horror movie.

Yes the cross is something that when faced alone, without the hope that has at its foundation Jesus is a very scary symbol.

“Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return”…that is unless you “repent and believe the good news.”

What is this good news? What is it that turns this mark of execution into a sign by which we can conquer?

Years ago I encountered a young woman dying of cancer clutching a large crucifix to herself, holding on to it for dear life. She was joyful. “There is power here,” she told me.

As you walk around bearing the mark of the cross on your forehead today reflect on her words. Think of how you confront the horrors of life. Have you repented yet, had that change of mind to see the world you live in differently than those not marked with the sign?

Believe and experience the power….

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