If Necessary Use Neon

Amy in the Dallas Morning News today. Just as an aside when we entered the church there was a long line that I thought was for communion. I was wrong it turned out to be a line of people taking turns reverencing a very worn statued of St. Francis (Xavier) lying in repose. Also the homily while simple was suberb the priest (a Franciscan) preached on Divine Mercy pointing out that Jesus appeared to his sinful (rejecting God is sin and they had abandoned the Son of God) disciples and forgave them immediately and sent them on a mission to extend that forgiveness. We only will get the good news when we can internalize the message that we are forgiven sinners who need to extend that forgiveness to everyone we meet. We’ll continue to be mired in our own business as long as we sit in judgment of others…

From DallasNews.com | News for Dallas, Texas | Points:

“The day after John Paul II died, I attended Mass at the San Xavier del Bac mission south of Tucson, Ariz.

The ‘White Dove of the Desert’ rises out of scrubby earth ringed by mountains. Sunday morning Masses at the mission are back-to-back and all crowded, busy affairs. In the gorgeous, rococo setting, angels dance on the ceiling in charming 18th-century garb and stare down at the living body of Christ, as they have for centuries.

In a film on a recent restoration of the church, one expert remarks that the Franciscans who built the church ‘would have used neon if it had existed.’ He meant simply that the missioners knew the importance of making a splash, in a way that would simply get the curious through the door so that then the story –the good news– could be preached and perhaps even heard. “

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