Black Smoke

First balloting complete, no new pope! Plenty of confusion though on what color the smoke was for a few minutes, anyway.

Conclave Schedule–When it will Happen Here

From NewsFlash – Timeline of Vatican conclave to pick pope:

4:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. EDT): Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel, then take their oath of secrecy and hear a meditation from a senior cardinal. After taking their oath, the cardinals will decide whether to take a first vote Monday or wait until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, April 19

7:30 a.m. (1:30 a.m. EDT): Cardinals celebrate Mass in the hotel chapel.
9 a.m. (3 a.m. EDT): Cardinals gather in Sistine Chapel for two rounds of balloting if new pope not elected Monday.
Noon (6 a.m. EDT): Approximate time of first smoke signal from Sistine Chapel. It will indicate whether a new pope has been chosen (white smoke) or no decision has been made (black smoke) in the morning session of balloting. The smoke is from the burning of the secret ballots after the two rounds of voting held mornings and afternoons.
4 p.m. (10 a.m. EDT): Cardinals return to the Sistine Chapel for two rounds of afternoon balloting.
7 p.m. (1 p.m. EDT): Approximate time of smoke signal after second round of voting.
The rest of the days of the conclave are expected to follow Tuesday’s schedule. The Vatican spokesman said smoke signals from burned ballot papers could likely be seen at about noon (6 a.m. EDT) or 7 p.m. (1 p.m. EDT) each day –unless a winner is elected Monday in a first ballot.”

The Beautiful Prayer that will be Prayed

before a new pope is chosen...pray it too! “Come Holy Ghost” is one English translation (rather poor one in my opinion) but well known, so if you do not know Latin you can sing that as your prayer.

FromVeni, Creator Spiritus:

“VENI, Creator Spiritus,
mentes tuorum visita,
imple superna gratia
quae tu creasti pectora.

Qui diceris Paraclitus,
altissimi donum Dei,
fons vivus, ignis, caritas,
et spiritalis unctio.

Tu, septiformis munere,
digitus paternae dexterae,
Tu rite promissum Patris,
sermone ditans guttura.

Accende lumen sensibus:
infunde amorem cordibus:
infirma nostri corporis
virtute firmans perpeti.

Hostem repellas longius,
pacemque dones protinus:
ductore sic te praevio
vitemus omne noxium.

Per te sciamus da Patrem,
noscamus atque Filium;
Teque utriusque Spiritum
credamus omni tempore.

Deo Patri sit gloria,
et Filio, qui a mortuis
surrexit, ac Paraclito,
in saeculorum saecula.

Here is a link to an English translation.

John Paul II’s Poem on the Conclave

From Roman Triptych:

“It is here, beneath this wondrous Sistine profusion of color
that the Cardinals assemble–
the community responsible for the legacy of the
keys of the Kingdom.
They come here, to this very place.
And once more Michelangelo wraps them in his vision.
‘In Him we live and move and have our being.’

Who is He?
Behold, the creating hand of the Almighty,
the Ancient One,
reaching towards Adam…
In the beginning God created…
He, who sees all things…

The colors of the Sistine will then speak the
word of the Lord:
Tu es Petrus–once heard by Simon, son of John.
‘To you I will give the keys of the Kingdom.’
Those entrusted with the legacy of the keys
gather here, letting themselves be enfolded
by the Sistine’s colors,
by the vision left to us by Michelangelo–
So it was in August, and again in October,
in the memorable year of the two Conclaves,
and so it will be once more, when the time comes,
after my death.
Michelangelo’s vision must then speak to them.
‘Con-clave’: a shared concern for the legacy of the keys,
the keys of the Kingdom.
Lo, they see themselves in the midst of the
Beginning and the End,
between the Day of Creation and the Day of Judgment…
It is granted man once to die, and thereafter, the Judgment!

Final transparency and light.
The clarity of the events–
the clarity of consciences–
During the conclave Michelangelo must teach them–
Do not forget: Omnia nuda et aperta sunt ante oculos Eius.
You who see all, point to him!
He will point him out…

Pope John Paul II
‘Epilogue,’ Roman Triptych, 2003″

Truth Time for Garabandal Prediction

Before anyone thinks that I’m bashing Garabandal they should know that I owe my conversion to seeing the film on these apparitions back in the 1970’s. I find the prediction intriquing when matched with the Divine Mercy prediction that “out of Poland will come a spark that will prepare the world for my final coming.” Both seem dire predictions, John Bosco’s dream seems more hopeful–but perhaps they all are it is just our perception that sees God’s reign as threatening…yet Jesus said “I will show who to fear…fear him who can cast you into Gehenna…not a sparrow falls…fear not then” only “trust.”

None of these visions, predictions are required belief but they do seem to converge on a number of points. Will something happen in the very near future that will both be an awakening of sorts that will bring people back to their senses? Will the next pope anchor the Church steadfastly to Christ?

From Untitled Document:

“One of the more startling prophecies of Garabandal concerns the three popes who have followed Blessed Pope John XXIII (1958-1963), and especially the last of the three: our current pontiff, John Paul II (1978-present). Our present pope supposedly will witness the great miracle at Garabandal, and the end of his reign supposedly will usher in “the end of the times” (el fin de los tiempos, in the original Spanish).

The careful reader will note the use of the adjective “supposedly” twice in the previous sentence. This is deliberate. While one can speculate that Pope John Paul II may indeed be the pope who will witness the miracle, it is just that, speculation. It may be that he will see it, yet it also may be for another to see it. We simply do not know.

What is certain, however, is that by the end of the current pope’s reign — whenever that may be — a very definite end of the present times, or “era”, will have occurred. In fact, one can argue convincingly that this time already has come, a point that will be addressed in more detail in the second part of this article.”

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