Pope had to Give up Beer after Fall

According to his brother, although there is a picture of him at a brewery late in the 90’s with a rather large glass of beer in hand.

From Telegraph News ‘I’m scared my brother’s health is too fragile for the papacy’:

“Cardinal Ratzinger was hospitalised twice in the 1990s, once after a brain haemorrhage and later after slipping in the bath and cutting his head.

Fr Ratzinger said his 78-year-old brother had had to give up drinking beer.

He added: ‘I had hoped that the not quite so stable health of my brother might have moved the cardinals to elect someone considerably younger than him.'”

And Fr. Georg adds a prophetic note:

His brother had a clear sense of his destiny early on in life, Fr Ratzinger said. As a toddler, after a cardinal’s visit to his kindergarten Joseph pronounced: “Some day I will also be a cardinal.”

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