Fr. Fessio on Pope Benedict

Interesting interview at My Friend, Benedict XVI An Interview with Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ:

” I think that John Paul II, especially in his prophetic role, proclaimed Christ to the whole world. Pope Benedict will do the same but I believe he will turn his attention more towards the Church hierarchy. Just as St. Benedict through his monasteries penetrated and informed a rising Christian civilization in Europe, Pope Benedict will focus on the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, on solemn and properly celebrated liturgies, so that the Church herself will be better able to go forth into the world and be a light to the nations. “


2 Responses

  1. John Paul, like Dominic, sought to convert the heathen. Benedict, like Francis, seeks to convert the Christians.

  2. JMJ

    Anonymous, if that is true, it is a very good thing. There is a saying, “One cannot give what he does not have.” Under Paul VI and John Paul II, Catholics were losing the Faith in droves. We are good for nothing without the Faith. Sanctity and Catholic doctrine will convert people of good will. May God bless the Holy Father’s attempts to convert Catholics. We need conversion most of all. P.S. The early fruits seem to be very good. Let’s wait and see.

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