Pope: Freedom is Based on respect for God’s law

Babel or Pentecost…the choice is who we ultimately believe in our own works or God…

From >>> AsiaNews.it <<< Pope: Freedom is based on respect for God’s law:

“On this day of Pentecost, the pope underlined especially the notion of mission. Benedict XVI forcefully called on the Church to “unceasingly open those borders which we men continue to set up between us: we must always move away from Babel, from withdrawal into ourselves, to Pentecost”. “We continually close our doors; we always want to keep ourselves safe, not to be disturbed by others and by God”. But the greeting that the Lord extends to us, “peace be with you”, is “a bridge he lays down between heaven and earth” and “on this bridge, always together with him, we too must reach our neighbour, he who needs us”. The Church – “new people of God which comes from all nations” – must continually become what she already is: she must open borders to peoples and breach barriers between classes and races. In this there can be none who are forgotten or despised.””

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