May our streets be Jesus’ streets!

Pope Benedict on Corpus Christi, from the Vatican Information Service:

The Holy Father pointed out how in the Sacrament of the Eucharist “the Lord is always moving towards the world. This universal aspect of the Eucharistic presence is apparent in the procession of our feast today. We bring Christ, present in the form of the bread, along the streets of our city. We entrust these streets, these houses, our daily lives, to His goodness. May our streets be Jesus’ streets! May our houses be for Him and with Him! May our daily lives be penetrated by His presence. With this gesture we place the suffering of the sick, the solitude of the young and the old, temptations and fears, all our lives, under His gaze. This procession seeks to be a great and public blessing for our city. Christ in person is the divine blessing for the world – may the rays of His blessing extend over us all.”

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