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St. Nilos was a hermit on Mount Athos who died on November 12, 1651.

From Prophecy by Saint Nilos, Hermit of Mt. Athos:

“After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the advent of the Antichrist approaches, people’s minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People’s appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to their shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist.

There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right way from the left. At that time the morals and traditions of Christians and of the Church will change. People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds, and murder will rule in society.

At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism, and also of remorse.

The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; they will completely lose their faith, because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. Then they will separate themselves out of the world in holy refuges in search of enlightenment of their spiritual sufferings, but everywhere they will meet obstacles and constraints. And all this will result from the fact that the Antichrist wants to be Lord over everything and become the ruler of the whole universe, and he will produce miracles and fantastic signs. He will also give depraved wisdom to an unhappy man, so that he will discover a way by which one man can carry on a conversation with another from one end of the earth to the other. At that time, men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is the deceit of the Antichrist. And the impious one!

The Most-good God will see the downfall of human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible . . . then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the perverter and his servants.”


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  1. Wow. What’s the provenance of this prophecy? Is its existence and content attested to from the 17th century onward?

    Even if one doesn’t think it is entirely accurate, the visions of future technology are chillingly recognizable.

  2. It makes no difference how “accurate” and descriptive of our modern situation a prophecy seems. The minute we are born our “End of Days” begins and we are to live our lives accordingly. As for the world, the Bible –and history– make it abundently clear that if there is repentence “with dust and ashes, then the cataclysm toward which we are spinning can be averted for a while.

  3. Kevin is right. What is this source for this prophecy? Its existence is attested by a cathedral website, which is probably better than just some Internet nut, but still, even those who run cathedral websites can be taken in by a hoax.
    And Deacon John is also right. Not that the twentieth century hasn’t been awful, buy much of this prophecy can be applied to any century.

  4. Update:
    Google searches reveal that there are two saints named Nilos or Nilus. One lived in the fifth century, and some websites attribute the prophecy to him, which is certainly impossible, since the modern B.C./A.D. system had not yet been invented them. The later St. Nilos could have spoken the prophecy, but the sites that quote it give no source.

  5. I think that the term, and concept of, homosexuality is modern. The “prophecy” sounds like a hoax, and not a clever one, to me. As for me, I will continue to strive to live each day as if it may be my last.

  6. Obviously this would be an English translation of something that would have been in Greek originally.

    I first encountered this prophecy in a book called the “Orthodox Catechism”…I then searched for it online and found it at a number of Orthodox sites. I’ve tried to find some site debunking it and welcome others adding their efforts.

    There are several “Catholic” prophecies that are similar in tone.

  7. I’m with you, Joseph.

    “As for me, I will continue to strive to live each day as if it may be my last.”

  8. JMJ

    Joseph & Lynn,

    Read 1Thes. 5:19-21.

  9. Joseph Wilson: I missed the reference to homosexuality when I first read this. Good point! I suppose that “homosexuality” could be possibly be just a loose translation of some Greek word that really means “sodomy,” but given the already suspicious nature of the quotation, this puts the nail in the coffin in my mind.

  10. thanks for the citation, jdobbs.
    I read 1Thes. 5:19-21, and
    I don’t see any contradiction between that Scripture and the
    commitment to live each day with
    gratitude and fullness. After
    all, the prophecy does not tell
    us an exact day or time. Doesn’t Jesus tell us in the Gospels to
    always be prepared for His coming?

  11. That word use of “homosexuality” is a good catch(it was coined in the late 19th century), but not entirely conclusive without a Greek original, if one does exist.

    The only story about this St. Nilos I could find was one involving him being struck blind after ignoring a heavenly admonition not to carry a torch past an icon, lest the smoke dirty it.

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