Catholic Seniors to Bishop–Please Skip Coming to Our Mass

There are many ways one can look at this–one would be to question what exactly Catholic schools are teaching about the Catholic Church, the other might be why hasn’t Bishop McCormack who has lost all ability to lead the flock resigned?

Seniors ask bishop to skip their Mass


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  1. This will require some thought. Several comments come to mind.

  2. The American Catholic bishops have so thoroughly disgraced the Church they should all voluntarily turn in their resignations-then let the new pope decide who should remain in office.

  3. Thank heavens for the few who have been true spiritual leaders.

  4. JMJ

    Yes, thank God for the few good shepherds we have. But the hirelings we have like Msgrs. McCormick, Weakland, Law, Mahoney, Lynch, et al. are an indictment of the administration of the Pontiff who appointed them. For all the talk we hear of “John Paul the Great”, ultimately the buck stops with him for all the wolves we have shepherding us. I have confidence that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict will be more keen in his appointments, unless my suspicions are true that Comrade Sodano actually calls the shots. Time will tell.

  5. Let us pray that Pope Benedict’s appointments will effect real changes.

  6. I have read that Pope Benedict XVI is being more careful with his appointments. I certainly hope so.

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