Creighton to Review Speaker Policies

Creighton University is one of my alma mater’s, and I’m not sure this is really all that good of news, since I still see a lack of focus on what it means to be Catholic. Yes, teach people how to think for themselves–but do it by presenting the best Catholic intellectuals who can model how to confont the modern ways of thinking that are not in concert with the Catholic faith. This would be a true Catholic education. Does Fr. Schlegel think that St. Ignatius of Loyola would have invited heretics to speak (teach) to the early Jesuits?  From the AP:

Days after canceling a speaking engagement to a best-selling author who helped a friend commit suicide, a Jesuit university says it will review policies that govern how and why it invites certain speakers to campus.

The Rev. John Schlegel, the school’s president, said Friday that Creighton University won’t shy away from controversial speakers, including those whose opinions diverge with those of the Roman Catholic Church.

But, he said, the formats those speakers appear under will ensure more balance and debate than the one-way mode of lecture.

“We don’t teach our students what to think,” Schlegel told the Omaha World-Herald. “We teach them how to think.”

Officials of the Omaha Archdiocese this week questioned why the school had booked a speaker whose opinions on assisted suicide and abortion are at odds with the church.

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