Jane Wyman Dies: First Wife of Former President Reagan, Actress and Catholic Convert

I knew the first two, but not the latter. Here is the Catholic info, read the rest at Yahoo Financial:

Wyman also was a devout Catholic convert and supporter of the Catholic church. Michael Mesnick, her longtime business manager since before Falcon Crest, said, “She was a tough lady, but a nice lady. She had a real strong backbone and took no nonsense. Her mind was determined in what she wanted to do. In her own way, she was very giving and loving. For example, even though her prime charity was the Catholic Church, she once gave some money to one of the priests there, not because she wanted something back or any recognition, but because that was her way of saying, ‘Hey, I’m paying back.’ Her philanthropic and charitable giving were admirable, and she didn’t do it with any ulterior motive in mind.”

Wyman also was a strong supporter of Hollywood’s Covenant House and Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.

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