Muslim Support for Vatican Statement

From the Independent:

The Islamic Medical Association in the UK has issued the following statement:

“On behalf of the Muslim believers, we wish to express our happiness with, and full support for, the recent Vatican statement on ensuring food and fluid for mentally incapacited patients. We believe that the basic means for survival (food and fluid) should be ensured for every human being (and animal), whether or not they are healthy, ill or incapacitated. This is a basic human right for all. All human life is sacred, and only God, the Creator, has the right to end any human life, in its appointed time.

British Muslims are worried today about the new Mental Capacity Act, which allows and in some cases requires food and water to be denied to mentally incapacitated, non-dying persons. In doing that, our innocent patients will die in pain and agony from the horrific effects of starvation and dehydration. We oppose strongly any court decision or power of attorney used to justify participation in starving or dehydrating anyone to death. All Muslim doctors, nurses and patients, expressing our Islamic beliefs, should oppose this inhumane Act.”

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