Pope Gives Shoes to Minneapolis Charity

Not his shoes, but from an Italian shoemaker who gave them to the pope to be given to the poor. From WKBT:

Some homeless Minneapolis residents are walking in the Pope’s shoes.

That’s after two big boxes from Rome arrived at Sharing and Caring Hands, a homeless mission in downtown Minneapolis. Recently, the rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul gave some friends from the Vatican a tour of the facility while they were visiting the Twin Cities.

Sharing and Caring Hands has an on-site shoe room, but director Mary Jo Copeland didn’t know what was in the big boxes when they arrived. She opened them to find several dozen pairs of handmade Italian shoes to give to the poor.

Johnson told Copeland the shoes were from Pope Benedict himself. He got them from an Italian shoemaker who asked that they be distributed to the poor.

Copeland says it’s given her strength to know the Pope is praying for her.

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