Pastor Runs Off Film Crew After “Cheesus Crust” Incident

They were filming scenes of “Bachelor 2” in his church (my guess is that there probably was a bit more imprudence in letting them use a church for a movie with that name), from the Boston Herald:

The cheesed-off pastor of St. Leonard’s Church in the North End threw the cast and crew of the Dane CookKate Hudson flick out of his parish hall after the Hollywood bunch staged a raaather impudent pizza scene in a nearby eatery!

The Rev. Antonio Nardoianni gave the Tinseltown types an hour to clear off church property after he discovered that their set people had remade a local pizza place into a joint called “Cheesus Crust.”

“I heard about some Christian symbols being used in a very derogatory way and I protested,” the Rev. Nardoianni told the Track. “How ignorant can they be? Is this the only way they can make money?”

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