Students Grow Sick at Mass: “Something was in the air”

St. Hugo’s in Michigan, from the Detroit Free Press:

Police and hazardous materials experts have finished sweeping St. Hugo of the Hills church and school in Bloomfield Hills and have ruled out carbon monoxide as a possible cause of the sickness that sent at least three students to the hospital Wednesday morning and forced the evacuation of both the church and the school.

Officials are still on the St. Hugo campus, conducting further tests of the air- conditioning and heating system in search of something that might explain why half a dozen children fell ill during mass Wednesday morning…

…During the serving of the Eucharist, some children around Kelly were whispering about someone fainting. Just before the final hymn, the seventh and eighth grade classes began to file quickly out of the church.

“We had to rush out of mass because someone said there was something in the air,” Kelly said later. “We were all scared and everything. It was raining hard.”

The students had just returned to their classrooms in the school building, which is near the church but not connected to it, when the fire alarm sounded. Many in the building thought it was a drill – until they got outside and saw police vehicles on the church lawn.

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