Catholic Church Vandalized in Texas

From the Courier-Gazette:

Vandals Wednesday or early Thursday defaced the west side of St. Michael’s The Archangel Church on Paula Road by painting offensive rhetoric and symbols on the Sanctuary doors, walls and church parking lot.

In black spray paint phrases such as “God touched me here” with a caricature pointing to its groin area and “666” were painted on a 46-year-old guardian angel that adorns the entrance.

Other offensive speech is also visible from the street.

Some of the language is not publishable and the photos for this story may have been cropped to eliminate the offensive language.

A passerby saw the graffiti and contacted police to report the incident.

The Rev. Stephen Bierschenk, pastor of, St. Michael’s, said the phone rang early Thursday.

“I received a call about 6 a.m. (Thursday) morning from McKinney police because a citizen who drove by had notified them there was vandalism on the church,” Bierschenk said.

Bierschenk said nothing within the Sanctuary was damaged.

“It was only on the outside,” he said.

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