Pope Benedict on Today’s Gospel

From Asia News Italy:

“The rich man,” the Pope said, “represents the unfair use of wealth for unbridled and selfish luxury by people who only think about their own satisfaction unconcerned by the beggar standing at their door. By contrast, the poor represents those only God takes care; unlike the rich man, the poor man has a name, Lazarus, short for Eleazar, ‘the one God has helped’.”

Benedict XVI quoted extensively from Populorum Progressio, Paul VI’s encyclical which looked forward to “building a human community where men can live truly human lives . . . where the needy Lazarus can sit down with the rich man at the same banquet table” (n. 47). That encyclical, the Pontiff said, points out that “many situations of misery come ‘from servitude to other men or to natural forces which they cannot yet control satisfactorily’ (ibid.).”

Quoting again from Pope Montini’s 40-year-old document, the Holy Father concluded his address by saying that the “hungry nations of the world cry out to the peoples blessed with abundance (n. 3).With this mind, “no one can say they did not know what path to follow.”

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