Anti-Huckabee E-mails Spread “Anti-Catholic” Bias

I’ve been receiving from Deal Hudson a fairly regular dose of another version of this–not sure why Deal is so anti-Huck. Here is the story.

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  1. I like Deal Hudson buit the fact is he is a player in the political arena. I respect that . However I do note he has not given us(The Huckabee Campaign) a fair shake. Unlike Catholic Online that has helped refute amny of these charges.

    I don’t care who people support (well I guess I do) but charges of Antoi Catholicsim should not be made lighlty

    I have responded as best as I can to to these charges here at

    I shall update this entry at my blog with some words of wisdom from Francis Beckwith. As many knows is the most famous Revert back to his Catholic faith of the year. A man that needless to say has a viewpoint that should be listened too. He too has weighed in.

    As you note I have pointed out that leading Catholic Politicains and in fact people that are running have associated with Hagee. I am also glad that Redstate has issued a clarification

    Thank you for allowing me to post this

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