Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

The Pope visits the Basilica of Saint Agnes and blesses an agnus “lamb”…for those who’ve been there, I was amazed at how small the skull of Saint Agnes is in the reliquary there.


The Goals of the Year of Saint Paul

From this morning’s news conference at the Vatican, (my loose translation):

The Pauline Year will therefore, particularly for Catholics, be an invitation:

A) to rediscover the great figure of the apostle Paul, his tireless and varied activities, his many travels, particularly recounted in the Acts of the Apostles, written by St. Luke;

B) to reread and study his numerous letters addressed to the first Christian communities;

C) to relive the early days of our Church;

D) to deepen his rich teaching addressed to all and meditate on his strong spirituality of faith, hope and charity;

E) to make a pilgrimage on his tomb, and in many places he visited, where he founded the first ecclesial communities;

F) to revitalize our faith and our role in the Church today, in light of his teachings;

G) and finally to pray and work for the unity of all Christians in a church that is united, and that it is true “Mystical Body of Christ.”

Pope to Release Document on Saint Paul

According to my rough translation of the news conference held at the Vatican this morning:

The Holy Father will issue shortly a document of the call St. Paul, setting the goals and spiritual benefits for the faithful.

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