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Lent Fast Approaches

For me that means giving parish missions this Lent–three of them! But it also reminds me of the fact each year that Amy and I first published a Lenten devotional some years ago entitled The Biblical Way of the Cross published by Ave Maria Press. That book is supposed to be rereleased in 2009 under a new title and with new art work. The other Lenten book that I wrote is The Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ to your life, I’ve found out that is is being used by a parish this Lent in Omaha, NE and then these nice words today from Ambrose-a-rama:

Last year I was in a fog when Ash Wednesday rolled around, unable to see my way through the shock of no longer being an expectant family. I really couldn’t commit myself to any significant Lenten penance or devotion, or so I thought. I believed I was unable to focus on anything other than daily tasks-at-hand.

I had a copy of Michael Dubriuel’s Power of the Cross. This book is an any-time-of-year daily devotional, but he has an option for using it specifically for Lent. The daily entries include brief passages from scripture, some explanations of these readings, and then some points (“Ask, Seek, Knock, Transform”) to guide the reader to understand how we can connect the Passion of Jesus Christ to our lives.

Each day is only a few pages of reading. Normally when I think of Lenten commitments I think of people who pray several extra rosaries a day, or attend daily Mass, or other things that can consume several penitential hours of their day. Reading a few pages a day seemed a low-enough level commitment for me. However, the final section of each day’s chapter, the “Ask, Seek, Knock, Transform” helped the reading linger with me much of the day. Though I spent only some minutes reading the Scripture passages and the Durbruiel text, I spent more time during that day considering, pondering, and praying over some of the questions posed each day. I think that made this book for me a great Lenten companion. While I couldn’t carve out focused hours of my day, I could spend hours during the day thinking about the Passion and the Cross and what these mean to us.

This book, The Power of the Cross, is definitely worth considering for any time of year, but definitely Lent.

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