Mass Ends Diocesan Stage of Sheen’s Path to Sainthood


From the Pantagraph:

After the Mass, Bishop Daniel Jenky commissioned Andrea Ambrosi, a theologian, to present the packages to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican.

Sheen, whom Pope John Paul II declared a “servant of God,” has reputedly interceded in the healing of an ailing Champaign woman.

The Congregation for the Causes will, after reviewing the documents gathered Sunday, determine whether there is sufficient evidence that Sheen has interceded in a second miracle.

If they decide that he has, they will recommend that the pope declare Sheen “blessed.” After the beatification, another process is necessary, including uncovering evidence of another miracle, before one who is blessed is declared a saint.

One of the testimonies gathered Sunday involves the healing of a Philadelphia woman, Francis Pelosi. Pelosi’s daughter, Karen Fulte, who was attending the mass, said that after Pelosi’s doctors diagnosed her with inoperable cancer and estimated that she had six months to live, Pelosi and her doctors made a novena, a nine-day prayer, to Sheen. Pelosi is now 84, and is called a “survivor” by her daughter.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Archbishop Sheen and have promoted his cause from the beginning. I compiled a book that includes introductions by Father Benedict Groeschel and Fr. Andrew Apostoli:

Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with Fulton J. Sheen

Best Super Bowl Ad?

The “experts” say the Bud ad with the dog training the horse (that didn’t do much for me)…my vote would have gone with this one:

And a year-old Doritos spot made by a consumer cracked the top five. The ad, in which a giant rat tackles a chip eater, finished third last year in Doritos’ make-your-own Super Bowl ad contest.

Fulton Sheen, Still a Powerful Witness

An interview with Fr. Andrew Apostoli by the very prolific Dave Hartline at Catholic Exchange.

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