Many Thanks!

To the parish of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where I gave a parish mission last week. If I lived in South Florida, which unfortunately I don’t (its like summer there right now!), this is where I would go to Mass!

The celebration of Mass in this parish is exemplary–beautiful music that is all of one kind and truly serves the liturgy, priests who are reverent, great preachers and great pray-ers. I came away from my experience in their midst uplifted and renewed!

For those of you who live in South Florida, I suspect that Saint Patrick’s is a hidden gem–to find it get off on PGA Blvd. and then head toward the ocean. Turn left on Prosperity Farms Rd. and go about two miles and the beautiful church is there on the left.

After a week back here (where it is still very much winter), I’m off to Shiner, TX to St. Cyril and Methodius (whose Feast we celebrated on my last day at St. Patrick’s).

Pope: Carry Hope in Your Heart

On the Gospel for today, at his weekly Angelus, from Asia News Italy:

There were at least 30,000 faithful present for the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square.  With them, the pontiff commented on the Gospel of the day, the second Sunday of Lent, which recounts the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor.  “The mountain”, Mount Tabor just as Mount Sinai, the pope explained, “is the place of closeness to God.  It is an elevated space, in comparison with daily existence, where one breathes the pure air of creation.  It is the place of prayer, where one can be in the presence of the Lord, like Moses and Elijah, who appear beside the transfigured Jesus and speak with Him of the ‘exodus’ that awaits him in Jerusalem, meaning his Passover.  The Transfiguration is an event of prayer: by praying, Jesus immerses himself in God, unites himself intimately with Him, and adheres with his own human will to the Father’s will of love”.

“The Transfiguration”, he continued, “is an anticipation of the resurrection, but this presupposes death.  Jesus manifests his glory to the apostles, so that they might have the strength to face the scandal of the cross, and understand that one needs to pass through many tribulations to reach the Kingdom of God.  The voice of the Father, which resounds from on high, proclaims Jesus as his well-beloved Son, as at the baptism in the Jordan, adding: ‘Listen to him’ (Mt 17:5). In order to enter into eternal life, one must listen to Jesus and follow Him on the way of the cross, carrying the hope of the resurrection in one’s heart as He did. ‘Spe salvi’, saved in hope.  Today we could say: ‘Transfigured in hope'”.

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