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  1. See that is just like reason #4546 why Florida living would not be for this Ohioan… I don’t want to have to walk around my own home with a sidearm in case one of those ugly sorrowful things happens to be in the room I next enter…

    An average American alligator’s weight and length is 800 lbs (360 kg) and 13 feet (4 m) long.


  2. […] #4546 It Is A Special Blessing From The Almighty To Be An Ohioan Florida « Annunciations What someone in Oldsmar (near Tampa) found in their kitchen yesterday […]

  3. “… honey, I think he ate the Roomba.”

  4. “Spot! Spot? Here boy! Where are you?

    ….Oh crap….”

  5. Just in time for the feast of Saint George!

  6. Now there you go again, Michael. I’ve lived in Florida for years now and never found a gator in my kitchen. Of course, he could have come and gone before I came in to start the coffee. But I think I would have heard his nails scratching the tile.

    Another good reason to keep that screen door latched.

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