The Octave of Pentecost?

This morning I mused on our way to Mass that it seemed strange that there wasn’t an Octave of Pentecost–given that it celebrates the coming of the Third Person of the Trinity. Well it turns out that there was an Octave, but that it disappeared in the 1960’s, Father Mark has a post on this. Let us hope that Pope Benedict might restore this Octave as he calls upon the Church to experience a new Pentecost!

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  1. As did you and he last year.

    How about spending some time promoting a Christology reflecting service to Christ in the poor as something more than a fascinating distraction from important thoughts and words, that it is some mere preoccupation?

    Any chance that service to the Christ in the poor will be held as more than a preoccupation?

  2. The Tan Publishers have the BEST Catholic Calendar and it lists the “days after Pentecost” all this week! Pretty cool. John O’B

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