Not the Devil Anymore

The only major league game that I made it to this season, was back in April when I saw the then last place Tampa Bay Rays playing the almost last place Toronto Blue Jays play a home game in Orlando in April. One of my coworkers who was at the game wondered if what we were seeing was a major league game (he is a Chicago White Sox fan). The Rays won that game and today begin their quest to make it to the World Series, ironically for my coworker anyway, against the Chicago White Sox. Taking the “Devil” out of their name, has worked miracles for the T.B. Rays…

From the Orlando Sentinel, the Five Worst Moments in Rays history:

•The 2000 Hit Parade featuring Vinny CastillaGreg Vaughn and Jose Canseco‘s syringes

•Trading Bobby Abreu for Kevin Stocker

•Drafting Josh Hamilton over Josh Beckett with the No. 1 pick in 1999

•Signing a 30-year lease at Tropicana Field

•Giving Wilson Alvarez $35 million to go 17-26 over three seasons

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