Michael’s Losers

With a hat tip to Leonard Postero, who’s radio show “Leonard’s Losers” often gave me great joy, while riding on the back roads of  North Florida, as a young man–here are my “gut” feeling losers for this weekend (I hope I’m wrong on a few of them:

The Lexington Felines vs. the Florida Swanp Lizards…loser…the Blue Kittens

The Orange Rifleman vs. the Tuscaloosa Pachyderms…loser…in a shocker–the Alabama Laundry Detergent with the roll of toilet paper hanging off of it.

The Georgia Red Clay Dogs vs. the  Bayou Pussycats…loser…the the Athens Puppies

The Columbus Nuts vs. the Penn State Mountain Cats…loser…the Buc Nuts

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